Monday, 1 September 2014


 One of you fine Susan Branch living people shared a picture of her September tree the other day on good old farcebook. But I can't find it now or you now, so here is a teeny tiny one stolen shamelessly from Goggle. The line at the top stood out for me even more than the fabulous words. "Wind gives speech to trees". Here in the frozen North for days now as soon as you go outside you hear Autumn. Up until this year I thought you felt it in the crisper, cleaner air. I thought you saw it in the blue, blue sky whose sun didn't burn. In a little epiphany I realised last week that you hear Autumn: in the dry leaves not yet ready to take their leave (excuse the pun...) of summer.

Appropriately, yesterday morning in church we sang "We have heard a joyful sound" and I did smile broadly when we got to the verse that says, "Give the winds a mighty voice: Jesus saves". I was smiling and hoping that the noise of His Autumn would be heard wherever the leaves fall and that salvation would come for all who most need it. As our very traditional preacher pointed out in a most untraditional way for the frozen North, being the word "saved" has many translations, among them finding peace and well-being.
 I have goals for this month! I told my extremely lovely Science teacher and co-staff room chatter today that I was going to get organised this month. She pointed out that you'd never set that as a goal for a child. "Be specific, Mags," she said. So here are the specifics, in an attempt to create accountability for myself:

I am going to have food in the house every day and that includes remembering that I need a packed lunch too!

I am going to stop forgetting swimming kit and piano lessons.

I am going to crochet my tank top from this book. My version will be in easy, monochrome grey.

I am going to start that 52 books in a year thing that everyone else started in January. So institutionalised are we, in three separate schools now, that September is really the start of our new year!

I will be in bed by eleven instead of midnight. (It's 23:29 now.)

If you're still here you'll want a cup of tea. Camomile at this hour. Thank you all for still popping in to the new Meadowplace x It is lovely to have so many porches to relax on when a moment even vaguely beckons from behind the conker-laden chestnut tree up yonder. I know that you're all finding ways to celebrate the speech of the trees this Autumn!


Kezzie said...

I'll watch the bears! Ha, all of these apply to me too (except tank tops!) - MUST go to bed. Now 23.43!x

magsmcc said...

Kezzie, I'm glad you saw the bears before they went into hibernation! They'll be back out again soon....

Pom Pom said...

I like your specifics! Going to bed early is hard for mamas.
It was Angel Catherine that posted that tree. I love Susan Branch's generous wisdom.
I think I WILL have a cup of camomile tea, now that you mention it!

Fat Dormouse said...

Camomile tea...yuck. no thanks! Good luck with meeting your targets. Do you have a star chart, to record your successes? I think you should!
I love your musings about Autumn. I don't think it has started here just yet.

Angela said...

tree here -
The tank top is so cool!

YOU 'being organised' is a bit like ME 'being decluttered' - we need to go for that SMART thing and make our goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Bob says the trouble is I know all the theories, but fall down at the implementation stage!!

thought of you yesterday when I saw a Lego hoover-upper on line. Now I cannot find it again!!

love to you and the menfolk xx

M.K. said...

I LOVE the idea of the speech of the trees! What a lovely phrase! This was a beautiful, elegant post, Mags :) I hope you are able to do all the organizing you have planned. That seems a tall order for us all. Tonight I had lemon tea (herbal, no caffeine), and it was so yummy. The cup is cute! Now I want to go find a bigger version of Susan's tree.