Monday, 3 May 2010

Return to the Beach

Monday's greatitudes 199-209

I was tired and entrenched in my bed and I knew that there was no milk for porridge, no jam for toast. And then I remembered my new bike basket! "You're still in your pyjamas!"shrieked Jo on my return from the hill-top shop. "They look just like sports clothes," I managed to pant through my smiles.

Eventually we made it to the Coast. Where the impossibly blue sky stretched wide above us and the impossibly high sand dunes dissolved under our surfing feet. Where I sat like a mad Queen Canute on my blue deck chair, huddling against the wind, while strawberries dug moats that our Prince made to work. Where it struck me that last time we were there I was full of dread at what the school year would hold for us. But we have nearly survived, and our sanity is mostly in tact!

On the way home we even managed to stop at a supermarket and actually buy some real provisions, so that now we have our daily bread and then some, although I am quite pleased with the meals we have thrown together/I have thrown together over the weekend. I may even allow myself to feel like a proper mother!

But mostly what I'm thankful for right now are the clearest answers to specific prayers that I have known since 2008, our year of living in Job 1-2. Yet, in the spirit of Ann Voskamp's lead, I'm going to give thanks for 2008 anyway. The worst of years, and the best in eternal ways.

So tomorrow morning I'll be cycling (with my new bike basket) up past the hill-top shop and on to the hill-top churches where we pray on Tuesday mornings. And say thanks.


Pom Pom said...

I love this. You have a reflective heart of gratefulness and a spirit of sweet humility. I'm so glad I know you.

Floss said...

Life as prayer, prayer as life. It undoubtedly works best that way, somehow it's just so hard to remember, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder. God bless you all.