Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Cake Bake ON FRIDAY!

And I've only gone and left the wretched camera at Lorraine's house! So I just wanted to declare loudly that this week I made Sticky Prune Cake for Book Club and my first Friday Friday cake bake is complete!

Photos and The Eyre Affair tomorrow- bon weekend!


Pom Pom said...

Yay! I'm clapping for you! I bet the prune cake is delicious and what book are you reading for book club?
Thank you for the tip. I did go to Lucy's and look at the happy caravans. Fantastic!
Have a sweet weekend, friend! I am looking forward to four weeks of kids at school and then . . . my summer! Wooooo hooooooooo! love love

Simone said...

Well done on making your Friday Cake Bake on a Friday! I used to make a lovely sticky prune cake that was a Delia Smith recipe. Regarding the foxes - the cubs are fairly quiet so far but they are very messy. I found empty and full Malteaser packets strewn across the lawn this morning and a half eaten loaf of bread. Goodness knows where they got those from!