Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday's Greatitudes 210-220

It's a cold old evening out there in Strawberry Land tonight. I know this to be true because I have just spent five minutes standing in my sock feet at the top of the drive looking westward at a fabulously darkening sky in fruitless search of "the lovely beacon of Venus hanging bright in the cerulean sky". Thanks for that, Armagh Planetarium Blog!

And also thanks to Ridley Scott for nearly my latest night in a while! First a perfectly acceptable evening viewing of the wonderful A Good Year (which, no, seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Peter Mayle other than Provence and a brief comment to writing a book), but then to decide to sit up and just watch the start of Kingdom of Heaven? It ended at 2am. I can see why it failed at the box-office, but my goodness some of those lines should be emailed day and daily to all involved with the Middle East or war at all.

A week is transpiring indeed to be a long time in politics- I'm sure our little politicians are most restless indeed waiting for phone calls from London, and from whom? Democracy is a wondrous thing, and it is certainly making for very good television!

On another wide wide level I have been thankful this week that Mothers Day in America (as in France) falls in May. There has been so much encouragement and blessing from so many beautiful posts, especially this one.

And on a very narrow Tearful Strawberries level there has thus far been no lamentation in this house even with a stinking cold belonging to the asthmatic strawberry whose stinking colds have led to the most hospital admissions. The count is at two bad colds since November's little stay in Isolation, no less, and the lovely steroids are defending the breach in the wall as valiantly as Orlando Bloom.

Thank you.

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Pom Pom said...

Hello smart and clever friend! Thank you for your kind words and linking to me. We are quite kindred spirits, you and I. I'm so sorry about the strawberry colds. The weather is so erratic here, too. I hope you survive the elections without too much disgust and frustration. I really should read the news more, but I'm too busy watching Lark Rise to Candleford! I hope your school week is happy and your home time is healthy. I'm off to see baby Aria later in the week, so I'm taking one day off. Yahoo!