Saturday, 8 May 2010

Book Club and Cook Blurb

So! Yesterday was Friday, and I got home from school, fed fish to my family (thereby just about feeding us fish at least once a week as is my high-minded intention), baked a cake for Book Club and, let's be honest, Friday Cake Bake, and then I went to Book Club and Niqi brought cream because mine was no longer good, and we all ate the cake and discussed the cake and ruminated on possible variations on the cake's sauce.

And we talked about The Eyre Affair as well!

The cake was Cranks' Sticky Prune Cake. I did find it slightly disappointing- I might try more prunes next time, and I will definitely experiment with trying to make the sauce "crisper" like the topping you get on lemon drizzle cakes. Suggestions last night heavily featured stem ginger. All further thoughts welcome!

House divided on Jasper Fforde. I wanted to hate it, and managed successfully right up until I fell in love with Th'ose Boo'k Wor'ms & L&ed in Thornfield Hal'l! Hooked thenceforth! And while I still haven't the courage for the sequels to Scary Girl with Dragon Tattoo and Horrifically Disturbing Experiences, I might have a go at Nursery Crimes!

Our read for June will be Wolf Hall, which will undoubtedly be much less controversial than Thursday Next and Duff-Rolex!

(And tonight the family of one of Matthew's school friends came for tea and brought with them the most amazing pavlova that I have ever tasted. Haven't got a photo of the left-overs yet, but will have to move fast!)


Pom Pom said...

I love your bouncy way with words! I can almost hear your voice! This is our USA Mother's Day so I wish you a happy, happy mom day. You are a good mum, loving those cute strawberries and caring for them with such purpose! I'm so glad I know you.

Floss said...

I read a later Jasper Fforde and he is so funny, and sarcastic, about his own previous works, that I would be intrigued to read some of them... Unusual, post-modern style, I suppose!