Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy Birthday, Crafting Catherine!

There has been surreptitious crafting around these parts for a fortnight. Lies have, admittedly, been told to keep CC off the scent. But all was forgiven during the three hours and twenty minutes of Bean Craftin' this morning!

Our little craft group celebrated Catherine's birthday one day early- my fault, work tomorrow! Niqi took her off to inspect white goods while Lorna and I hung the newly made banner, and assembled the fabulous button cake that she had made- on the cake stand that was our present for the birthday girl.

More and better photos will I'm sure be on Catherine's blog soon! But I wanted to post a little cameo of last minute button sewing late last night!


Catherine said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for today!!! It was truly wonderful! I plan to blog about it tomorrow...have photos of banners and cakes and even someone wielding a crochet hook! Hope work finishes well tomorrow and have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday...are you busy?!! Cx

VintageVicki said...

That all looks rather interesting - will keep a lookout for Catherine's pictures.

Aren't S&B/sewing/craft groups great - I really look forward to our group meeting each week.

Vicki xx