Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Oh goodness, the snow has been washed away and replaced by a dictator of a slicing wind! We walked miles in the scrunching snow last week, but I am unashamedly ferrying in the car so far this week. Wet and wild- though too suburban to be wild enough for PC!

Am therefore trying to deny all hibernation tendencies by encouraging some creative colour! This is Jo conjuring up Minibeasts to go with his reader... Good old Santa for thinking of such a busy pack for a small boy's stocking!

I haven't been thankful in a while but I am nonetheless grateful, bringing me to 130 out 1000:

for the FABULOUS three weeks of snow that we had, for my three intrepid men who also loved the FABULOUS three weeks of snow, for the creator God who gives the snow and the rain and the everything, for Jo's insistence that we all say our thanks to that God last Sunday lunch, for the super friends with whom we have shared the last few weeks, for the wine and food and farewell to David Tennant that we all shared because we live in a free and fecund society, for Lorraine who will gleefully host a Book Club this month, for car insurance to hopefully take care of the nasty bits, for my "interesting" school wherein to teach, and for PC who keeps his hand on the rudder- or should I say keeps pulling the sledge!

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