Monday, 25 January 2010

holy experience

140. A sunshine award from Crafting Catherine has just arrived... I'm speechless. This is the mark of a real blog! I haven't worked out to do with it yet, but it will displayed with all the HUBRIS it deserves tomorrow!

141. Cooking Catherine called in for tea and chat this evening; 142. I had an interesting morning, of which no more can currently be said; 143. Prince Charming came to swimming lessons again this week which preserved some sanity. 144. A not disastrous day!

145. The GP I've been seeing at our surgery has listened and acted on my behalf and more interesting times await, I imagine. 146. Already I feel less anxious about being anxious!

146. One more day at home before school on Wednesday- again! Because that is a really super part of Monday night! 147. Although I should remember that it's Open Night at school tomorrow- thanks for the three Year 9s who will do their little cafe roleplay- for potentially four hours!

148. The General Inspection has now started in school, and colleagues are one day through. 149. No Inspector is scheduled to see me at all- dare I hope that this remains the case?!

150. Suns are most mindful of the news from Haiti, and pray more regularly than their bigger strawberries. Mattman beautifully asked to pray for Haiti at Sunday School. 151. is for the workers at Christian Aid and ailleurs...

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Floss said...

Well, congratulations on the award! I expect to see a grand display tomorrow!

I love to read your blog - it's really varied. Sometimes I have no idea whatsoever what you're talking about, but that's because you have quite a private blog, in a way. In another way, I like being connected to another Christian in another part of the world, so thanks! I'll be thinking of your with your inspection - been there, seen that, would rather not do it again...