Monday, 18 January 2010

holy experience

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131. "This butcher's bread makes me much happy."
132. Fresh crusty brown seeded bread from the baker's and the friend to eat it with.
133. Enough of Cooking Catherine's Boxing Day Chutney left to slather on the cheese.
134. New mornings, new weeks; the camera is still rolling.
135. Prince Charming has washed not only the mirey casserole dish, but also the dining room floor.
136. Book Club on Friday night.
137. Another day at home before school on Wednesday.
138. Swimming lessons with teachers more patient than mothers on the sidelines.
139. Burgeoning, awakening notions somewhere in my dusty head that the reason why it all feels so detached and suburban is because I have let it all become detached and suburban- but this need not be always so!
140. The dream of clarity. Clear mind. Clear mindedness. Be clear minded and self-controlled so that... 1 Peter 4:6-8


UKZoe said...

Oooh I don't have boxing day chutney left but I do have Christmas day cranberry sauce left. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Hope you found what you wanted with the storytelling.

Jenny said...

How blessed to a have a Prince Charming...enjoy him.