Sunday, 24 January 2010

Can we have a story?

Not one from the shelves; one from your mouth?

This is the not-made-up-by-mum story that we've been reading in instalments over the weekend. We brought it home from the school's Book Fair on Tuesday, where I had, I felt, volunteered valiantly! Our first nearly Read It Himself by Allan Ahlberg- and we're hooked!

Mystery, humour, suspense. And a fridge that spells out its own magnetic letters. I genuinely thought it had it all- if you can both enjoy it as you read it to them, it has to be fabulous.

So, what with Book Club on Friday, we've all had a nice, booky weekend!


VintageVicki said...

I remember that story - little son had that and loved it. TBH all the Ahlberg books were popular with my 2.

Anonymous said...

I Love the Allan Ahlerg books :o) My children remember them as their favourites. My son is already reading Burgler Bill (his personal favourite) to my 10 month old Grandson, who giggles and loves the illustrations even if he can hardly understand a word. My daughter (being dyslexic) Loved the one about the dyslexic vicar..or was it the dyslexic tortoise? maybe I'm getting two of her favourites mixed up (lol).

Catherine said...

Check out my blog...there's an award for you! Cx