Thursday, 17 September 2009

Happy Families

Well, actually, girls, my house is sparkling! But thanks for asking- it was inspired by you that I filled my squirter with vinegar and water, scrumpled up Tuesday's papers (pausing briefly over the picture of Patrick Swayze), and cleaned windows throughout the land. This having cleaned all the floors of the land, washed dishes, fed two small boys, collected a bigger boy, and listened to four boys play slightly unsupervised in the garden!

And did I mention that I also made it to the Bean- recently discovered but increasingly beloved coffee shop in a garden village- for an hour's green tea break with its regulars. Oh and homework is done too; ode to joy!

A day of happy, after two and a half weeks of unhappy, slowly readjusting to routine, families.

I'm just off now to cook from scratch... Who knows what tomorrow holds?


Catherine said...

Sounds perfect! You're coming here to do the same, when?!! LOL!! Cx

magsmcc said...

According to Facebook you went straight home and did do the same!