Saturday, 19 September 2009


I can't quite work out how to rotate this picture! (This will come as no surprise to those of you who know me well.) It does, somewhat askewedly, record the pancake breakfast that Prince Charming got up to make for us all this morning, and you can barely make out said pancakes on the left, which should be the top. There are no pancakes to be found on suns' plates for obvious reasons! The wolfing only stopped when Jojo declared that he was sick with pancakes... Only to state that he would however be returning to the three quarters of his third pancake after a little break. It's late now, and he is long abed, so I may just hasard to discard the remains...

This was a deliberately lazy start to our Saturday. Mattman especially is visibly exhausted after three weeks of adjusting to a new, much stepped up work routine in the classroom, as well as to a whole new playground dynamic where playing Clone Wars doesn't compete with football. He has two "I've been brave today" stickers on his star chart and they were much warranted. Jojo seems thankfully less grumpy in the afternoons, and hasn't perpetrated any scrambled acts since last weekend- to my knowledge!

We did mean lazy to be the theme of the day, but managed nonetheless to: meet my parents for lunch in town, buy new walking boots for the suns, in the hope that this weather will hold for some mountains next week, fit in a playpark before swimming lessons, call with fabulous friends for outside coffee, arrange piano lessons with their third musical sun, and finally cook dinner for friends and their fourth child. On a news break from Daniel Craig and movie history's greatest shower scene, I am washing twelve socks, six sweatshirts and four pairs of shorts.


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Catherine said...

I think not! Seems like a perfectly busy day!