Monday, 28 September 2009

holy experience

21. Voltaire and his Candide
22. Apple trees that work!
23. Nearly five years of Jojo
24. The redemption that I understood from his birth
25. The burning desk that didn't burn in my classroom
26. The hills, whence cometh mine aid
27. The fact that September 2009 is nearly over
28. The knowledge that grace will be there if October is no better
29. The knowledge that there is a bigger, longer picture for my suns
30. The home where is my heart, even if there are still more dirty dishes...


Catherine said...

What a good exercise for today! You have wonderful suns who are each very special! They, in turn, have a great mummy (and daddy!!) who couldn't do anything better than is currently being done! All will be well!! :o)

magsmcc said...

Thank you, valiant friend!