Friday, 21 November 2014


I know I dream of snow come Winter, but really, much love and many prayers to those of you lost in drifts of the stuff. May your hearths be warm, your socks dry and may He keep your feet from slipping.
Suddenly the glorious maple has lost her sheen and the grey patches sadden her. I think the Meadowplace is declaring an end to Autumn.
Even the stalwart chestnut tree, whose leaves swayed proudly intact for weeks, is bare and bedraggled. As wet as an eleven year old trudging daily home from school in pouring rain. We're consciously now working at keeping the hearth warm, the feet dry, and the feet from slipping.

I am also endeavouring to fend off the approach of a certain season, the name of which is forbidden in this house until the 1st December, by mutual consent of all within. November is about preparing for Preparing for Advent, our annual ladies' event. Isn't it?


Jane and Chris said...

He made it possible for us to live in a forest... He provided us with many trees,so that we would have firewood to keep us safe and warm in the drifts.
Jane x

Pom Pom said...

Your grass is very very green! Pretty! Oh, poor wet school boy! I bet you have that rainy weather all figured out. People don't even go outside when it rains here! Funny!

Scarlet said...

I sympathise with your trudging 11 year old. I did some trudging in the rain today and arrived home with wet socks. Why oh why didn't I wear my new walking boots today?

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank you for keeping Advent! May you feel the longing of the season so that you can feel the fulfillment of Christ. Sending love!

M.K. said...

Ever since you first mentioned preparing for Advent (preparing for the period of preparation!), I've been pondering it, and still find my mind in a muddle, but I do like the idea so much. I find myself pondering like Mary, but without her success, I think.