Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Hallowe'en Views and into November

 Here we are in my favourite month of the year. Clear, grey, empty expanse of a month that revels in its calm before the neon explosion of Christmas! Who will be blogging everyday this year? I think I might. It's become my catching up month. My catching breath month. My Forest of Toon Tellegen month!

 I went into Mattman's room to snap the glorious golden foliage of the tree outside his window, but it's all gone!
 The Argory have expanded their forest playground. Lots of things for adult children to try as well!
 And beautiful textures and colours all around.

 This was the walled garden on Thursday. I could not believe the heavy fragrance of the roses at this stage in the year. It really has been the warmest Autumn I certainly remember.
 It all made me think of the box of green wool that constitutes most of my limited "stash". I love having a blanket on the hook through the winter, and I'm thinking of an Argory Blanket- all greens with rows of brown and gold?
 More colour at the Ulster Museum's fascinating exhibition on the periodic table. I had not one inkling of scientific comprehension at school. But I'm making up for it now!
 Today I am gradually packing away all the orange; more quickly than these mild days are allowing the garden to do! I am also picking up lots of sweetie wrappers and lolly sticks after an impressive haul brought home by a house full of trick or treaters last night.
Hallowe'en is really quite controversial here among people of faith. We've always tried to steer an Autumn-celebrating line that nonetheless allows guests to dress as witches or be gruesome if they so decide. There is trick or treating, we laugh and gurgle our way through ducking for apples, we have food and fun and friends. We generally jump at any excuse for a party! I'm not sure that I would warn my children from the ways of the occult just by forbidding them to take part in any of the above. I wonder would I be more effective at building up their spiritual armour by being more patient, more joyful, more faith-ful all year long?


Elizabeth said...

Isn't it interesting to read the differing views on Halloween. Our church runs a 'Light party' to encourage local children not to go out in the dark, and to get away from the occult side of things.
I think you can have fun with pumpkins and games. I don't like the 'scary' ghost/monster etc dressing up.

Kezzie said...

I second Elizabeth's comment. Ive actually always been scared of Halloween since being a small child and i still dislike it though I think pumpkins and fancy dress are cool!!! X

Jane and Chris said...

Is it me, or has Halloween become less innocent and more gruesome over the years? Our (ceramic) pumpkins were tucked away for another year..I miss them already.
I may have nightmares tonight,of having to memorise the periodic table...I'd happily forgotten it!
Jane x

M.K. said...

Beautiful photos, Mags! Thanks for sharing your autumn there with me. I'm keeping all my orange out, at least until Thanksgiving. I do love November. I always think I'm going to love October most, but then it turns out too warm to really FEEL like autumn. So November becomes the better month. I can already feel it getting busy though.

I dislike Halloween, but like you I try to enjoy the time as fall/harvest/carnival time, and smile at the crazy outfits, and enjoy all the partying and candy (a little). So many churches here offer HUGE, free carnivals or fall festivals, complete with games, meals, music, hayrides, and the works. It's easy to "avoid" halloween. We did the trick-or-treating when the kids were younger, although with them we always tried to treat it as a one-day event, and we didn't spend $ on costumes or let them have goulish/deathish costumes. I must say though, I'm glad to be out of that period of child-rearing :) I'm always glad when Halloween is OVER for the year, and we can move on to happier things.

Lisa Richards said...

Halloween is, indeed, controversial! I certainly don't like the things that plant fear in impressionable hearts (horror movies and such), but I also don't want to deprive little ones of dressing up and getting treats. My grands dressed up as a butterfly and a ladybug. They were SO CUTE! :) Beautiful autumn photos!

Betty said...

Halloween has always been special for me, we called it Samhain or Punky Night and our mother decorated the house, dad did apple bobbing and we had all the lights out, candles, atmosphere - but never trick or treating, nobody in our neighbourhood observed halloween back in the 60s. As a pagan tradition it has a place in our family but we steer away from anything that is sinister. some costumes are not acceptable to us (a devil costume being one as this is not what Halloween is about and we don't want to acknowledge anything that is not good). I hope it remains a fun and friendly event for everyone regardless of faith.

Scarlet said...

I couldn't resist leaf kicking as I walked home yesterday - it was great fun, and I shall think of myself as an adult child now!

GretchenJoanna said...

You've showed us by your photos how beautiful autumn is in your neighborhood - Now I would like to come there and sniff the air!