Friday, 28 November 2014

Views of some things

 Again I have been far too late to take yet more views of the maple and the chestnut and the rain. Hooray, I hear you carol at your screen. Instead here is a view of our calendar. Yes I know that November is still where we sit. Yes I know that the very word Christmas is banned in this house until 1st December. Yes I know, but Prince Charming is galloping into the festive season already, and while I appreciate his enthusiasm, I'd like the last three boxes left to this month, please.
 And here is a view of our metronome. It was set in motion earlier for Jo. One particular piece of practice needed more attention than anyone could give just at that particular point in a Technology homework and something so important that I can't quite think what I was doing, but it was very, very important. I think of this woman when I see the metronome. She gave it to us long before we had children, indeed long before we had the piano! Or maybe we rescued it from one of her many and ruthless clear-outs. Probably the latter.
This is a view of the lights that go annually to our Preparing for Advent morning. Two more sleeps until this year's event, and that is why I am up so late. Making lists of everything I need to bring, everything I need to photocopy, everything I need to say. At least there will be organised and fabulous people doing cookery and craft!

I want to be guided by the light of Advent as I journey along the Bethlehem road again. I'll be joining with Pause in Advent this year, and I think I'll share the reflections we'll be mulling over on Saturday morning. Most of all I'll be relishing the annual companionship of you all as we bump into each other along the way x


Kezzie said...

I always love your pause for advent!

I love your old beautiful metronome!x

Jane and Chris said...

A view is a view..particularly enjoyed the twinkles.
Jane x

M.K. said...

Our American Thanksgiving overwhelmed the whole second half of November, Mags, and Advent just sneaked up on me. I was trying to be ready, but the calendar just whipped past! So I forgot about the Pause in Advent blog thing :( But I will be reading along!