Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today, galvanised by a good friend and neighbour's commentary on the pot at my front door, I went out and ripped up dead things. This was more emotional than expected when I found myself finally admitting that the huge, woody, lavendar bush was long past salvation. I planted that lovely thing when we moved in thirteen years ago. The last sprig is beside my bed with "a candle to lighten dark days"- it's the first one I've used from your package, Pom Pom! Gardening always makes me maudlin- all those visceral metaphors for life, and rebirth, and growth. That's probably why I avoid it at all costs!

Thankfully the strawberries and gang bring no angst to outdoor activities, and just get on with a return to tree house living.

There have been cupcakes this week. Many, many cupcakes. We had our now annual joint meeting of Mothers' Union and Men's Breakfast, and blue icing seemed fitting. At the time!

Duncan Morrow was the speaker- academic at the local university and recently Chief Exec of the Commuity Relations Council. Talking about where this little land has been and where it could go. Interestingly talked most optimistically about our present. It reminded me of the orange and green chocolate in Aunt Sandra's the other week. He shared much about his childhood, which was lived out partly in community, with great exposure to international influences. But the most formative influence, he said, was the fact that he lived amongst people for whom love and forgiveness were bedrock certainties. Food for thought, regardless of the colour of your cupcake!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I'll take a couple bars of the milk chocolate!!!!


Betty said...

I just did the same thing on Monday - ripping out two lavender, my front garden has really bad soil and after 18 years of digging and improving it still is too bad/heavy clay - the roots of anything I plant curl up deformed! So hubby has got me a wooden tub to fill with flowers, son found me a paving slab (in the woods!) to put it on and I think this will be a drought friendly solution to unfriendly soil. Good luck with yours.

Mise said...

It's good to know that such a right-thinking man got the cupcakes he deserves. Your bedside table looks well.

Pom Pom said...

Hello darling dear! Well, I sure like those words about community and good people. LOVE! I also love looking at your cakes! I talk about cupcakes a lot, but I rarely make them. Yours are so pretty.
I like your little light by the lavender! I need Bill's help in the garden because he is a cleaner upper and I am a gnome and fairy placer. Guess what? The other week I was in an antique store and found a copy of The Wind in the Willows illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Oh, how I wanted it but it was forty dollars and that felt a little too dear for my pocketbook. So, I ordered one and it came (ten dollars total!) and the illustrations are gorgeous. I'll post about it soon. Oh, we DO need frequent dips into the book, don't we? Love you, Mags!

Lisa Richards said...

It will be a while 'til we get into the garden, but we're looking forward to giving it a shot this year after several years of not having one (vegetable that is).

I've always loved the idea of living in community.I guess we are sort of doing that right now with my daughter, her hubby and baby living with us. My romantic version would be a large rambling farmhouse with the entire extended family a la The Waltons. But the "love" part is quite an exercise in selflessness when you have so many living together. I still love the idea!

Speaking of the WITW, here's a link to that painting you requested!

Jane and Chris said...

The best part of treehouse living is the biscuits!!
Jane x

Fat Dormouse said...

I'm not a gardening fan...but mostly just because I'm lazy! I have three little rose bushes to plant, so this afternoon, I think I will try to get out into our tiny courtyard to plant and tidy.

But now I must go and prepare for my Mum's visit on Sunday. I allowed myself time to look at just one blog before I went off to clean and tidy, and yours was the one I chose. I'm glad I did.

Look after yourself!

The dB family said...

Oh yum! Chocolate or cupcakes. I'll take either. My lavender eventually gets very woody too. I have a few this year that need to be pulled out. I do think that gardening gives too much time to think.