Thursday, 1 March 2012

Leap Day at Aunt Sandra's

A few weeks ago my uber-beautiful friend K told me about a Radio 4 article that suggested using the whole free extra day of 29th February to do something you've been meaning to do for ages. So I took the boys, and the suns, to see Aunt Sandra's Sweetie Factory.

It's there, as tiny and as Aladdin-worthy as apparently it was in 1953 when it opened. When you walk in you have to stop and breathe deeply of the baked sugar before you can quite concentrate on the floor to ceiling array of it all!

Obviously you must have a golden ticket to proceed and obviously Uncle David is actually Willie Wonka's cousin.

He demonstrated the pouring of candy...

...the moulding of candy in their one hundred- year old machine...

...and the stretching of candy- can you hear it pop and creak and fizz?

We really could not decide what we should bring home. (Though a careful head-count was done at the door.)

In the little factory we lost count of shamrock lollies getting ready to traverse the globe, which made the Willows feel quite the experienced travellers.

And so home, laden with wonderment (and much baked sugar). We drove in the car. Toad beat us by half an hour on Aunt Sandra's moped. I don't think he forced any caravans off the road?


Betty said...

What a lovely day out, you can never have too many sweets (just don't eat them all at once!) Betty

Pom Pom said...

Wow! That IS my kind of place, Mags!
Ha ha for the head count!
What a great idea to do something extraordinary on leap day!

Amy Danielle said...

Had to grin as I gave my husband a hard time that he was working on leap day when we really should have been having a party. :)

Glad yours was full of fun {and sugar!}


The dB family said...

Well that was a delicious day!! What a neat idea to use the 29th as something special. I shall have to remember that for four years from now ;o).


no spring chicken said...

It looks like the boys are having a 'sweet' time. Tell them I said hello from Oregon and that Erin is jealous that they get to visit her dream... Ireland!

Blessings, Debbie