Thursday, 21 July 2011

Do you ever find perfection?

I am catching up on all the truly splendid blogs you truly splendid bloggistes produce. Really. Gorgeous images, words, minds and hearts. It is perhaps more striking after a break, but nonetheless, there's glorious world of thought out there where you are right now!

I'll content myself with thoughts of the perfect holiday. Beach, potter round Kinsale, Monopoly, bed. Beach, potter round Kinsale, Monopoly, bed. Maybe a little change today? Potter round Kinsale, beach, UNO, bed. Beach, potter round Kinsale..... Edited highlights below!

This six year old was standing up on his surf board by the end of the week!
Look of disgust on face of very competitive thirty-eight year old at consistent speed with which child three decades younger can bankrupt the lot of us!
Babette Cole's riding companion, Babette Cole being just to right of shot, arriving on horseback with Dame Cole to her story-telling session at Kinsale Arts week!

The Tutankhamun exhibition in Dublin- Mattman has us all deciphering hieroglyphics now!
A tiny emporium dedicated to every width, colour, fabric and style of ribbon conceivable- A. Rubanesque in the Powerscourt Centre, Dublin. (Ric-rac in two candy shades, two metres. Very restrained and disciplined ten minutes of delight!)


Pom Pom said...

Babbette Cole? I love it! You know I've been attending to her illustrations of late! I never win at Monopoly. Uno = sometimes. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun!

Angela said...

I don't like Monopoly - I couldn't handle the unrestrained glee displayed by my children when they won all the money and charged me £££ of rent! I muttered about Christian values and giving to the poor etc. And got out the Scrabble board.
Oh the trimmings... I bought 2m of elastic and a pack of brooch pins in Dublin in 2008 [equally restrained- no room for luggage on motorbike]Confession - I put them somewhere 'safe' on my return. Still cant find the little bag!!
Tutankhamum. I am so old, I knew his mummy.
Kinsale. Oh I LOVED Kinsale. Lovely campsite, lovely people, that was a high spot of my holiday [also it stopped raining when I was there]

Glad your hol was fabulous.

blessings xx

Elizabethd said...

I loved Monopoly as a child, still do really!
Beautiful photo of the beach. I have never visited Ireland, maybe one day!

Gumbo Lily said...

Looks like a relaxing vacation....all except the Monopoly!

mrsnesbitt said...

Our holiday approaches - 5th September to tootle round France on the motorbike - heading towards Limouges! Way hey!