Friday, 2 April 2010

Feasting on Lenten Couplets

I was feeling actually quite sad yesterday. We were down to the last two slices of my Friday Cake Bake on Tuesday. And when I turned from March to April on the calendar, I realised I was loath so to do.

March was really a lovely month here in the Land of the (sometimes) Tearful Strawberries. Lots of reflecting on life and just being able to enjoy the flow. I had started Lent with a desire to find an attitude that could be more upbeat and positive thinking, and gradually that seemed to become the case.

The two words that I was praying through, in Lenten moments clawed back from the greedy facebook, were anxiety and anger. And indeed there has been grace. Much. One long polished by age and love couplet above all,

You will go out with joy and led forth in peace. Isaiah 55:12.

So in the midst of a hormonal low, and a sadness at the end of a veritable Lenten feast, I was smiling at another page of the journal...

On to today- Good Friday meditations at church. Prince Charming is leading the last half-hour and is gearing it for children and families. The theme is bravery- when we have been brave- and looking at the bravery of Christ on this day, the sadness of a Parent, and the glorious why.


skippinginthemeadow said...

i do enjoy the way you write and love your images too, although i was as loathe to scroll down from the first one as you were to turn the calendar page...that is a very tempting cake indeed.
anxiety is something i've been battling with, definitely need some bravery to deal with that.
i've made special a quiet area on top of a small cupboard with a candle and flowers and a few meaningful nic-nacs. today Lily (my labrador) joined me in this little place of prayer, looking strangely devout...this made me smile and think of the pictures in my infancy of jesus surounded by children, animals and birds.

i hope all the strawberries are happy this easter xxx

Simone said...

A lovely reflective post. A lovely cake too!x I have just had eating in the word verification. How spooky is that?!!!

alice c said...

A peaceful Easter to my friends in the land of the Strawberries.

Pom Pom said...

Yes, the glorious why. Thank you for that.
I'm a bit crabby today already. I'm relying on a huge dose of inspiration tomorrow morning when I get in the car to drive back to school. Two more months and then summer - whew. I love your journal! Happy, happy Easter!