Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bienvenue au jardin potager

When, in a former life, I worked glorious summers on kids' camps in France there was a brilliant little song that started, " Welcome to the vegetable patch" and I have no idea now how it continued. I wish I did, because I think it was a formative experience- more on the aspirational level than in practical terms, you understand! Although today I think we did quite well...

Prince Charming installed our new raised bed, and promptly filled it with seed potatoes.

The rhubarb has finally decided to make a break for it and emerge from the clay.

And I spent a portion of the day clearing out the strawberry bed and planting one newcomer, bought last week at Jo's insistence!

I also got around to potting a fresh batch of thyme- replacing one of many pots that just didn't survive the prolonged snow this winter. Not a bad way to end the holidays- bienvenue au jardin potager des fraises larmoyantes!


Catherine said...

Could you come and do mine now please? Looks like you had a very "fruitful"day! Cx

Pom Pom said...

Oh, it all looks wonderful! We finally have a few blooms. I'm delighted! Will you make a rhubarb pie? Can I come over?

magsmcc said...

Oh girls! I wish we all could!

skippinginthemeadow said...

ah! i see you and i are once again heading towards the slippery slope of sleep deprivation ;o) many thanks for your comment and yes, i do know lucy in the attic very well. she's a wizard with crochet and reminds me of my nan (a younger version of course).
i am very impessed with your and prince charmings gardening are waaay ahead of me. i only have one poor stick of rhubarb.
well i'm off to try and get some shut eye the trouble is i have to rise at the crack of dawn however much sleep i get (or don't - it was one and a half hours last night, which is probably why i've had a stinker of a headache all day).
wishing you and yours a lovely sunday with hopefully lots more sunshine xxx


VintageVicki said...

We spent lots of yesterday gardening & are planning to go back out there today too.

Also have lots of pots that haven't survived the winter :(