Friday, 30 April 2010

Excuse note

It felt like a full, and glorious, week of birthday celebrations! It ran seamlessly into a weekend I had to spend ill in bed, which did itself run less seamlessly into a week of marking coursework. That week is now about to run helter-skelter into two months of marking GCSE French orals and marking more coursework.

The only WIP I'll have in my basket now will be whingeing-about-coursework in progress. I should pin that over the front door. Abandon smiles all ye who enter here!

There was at least today's Bean Birthday for Crafting Niqi! Crafting Catherine made the fabulous crown and I managed to tack on the cord with marginally greater straightness than the sequins!

To all teachers and examination students (and hopeful political candidates) I can only declare "Bon Courage!"

ps Sammy Wilson was apparently at our front door tonight and Prince Charming DIDN'T THINK to tell him that ours was the house of the woman with the blog. I ask you?

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Pom Pom said...

Oh, the constant marking. I have just five more weeks of school, but WAY too much marking to do in the meantime. Sigh.