Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Vsiting and loving idle saints

There are two saints I know. They are most graciously generous with their saintliness and mine was the pleasure of being in both their homes today. A good day! No tearful strawberries in these domains!

Saint J made us lunch. No, the Saint Husband of Saint J stood outside in his raincoat and barbecued our lunch. The real sun came out in time for us to sit and eat with our four assembled suns. Most gracious on both their parts.

Then Saint J packed my suns off to rooms filled with toys to play with her suns, and I spent the next three hours being pumped full of life and encouragement, all rounded off with a lesson in the rudiments of crochet. Oh my!

This evening neighbourly Saint K took my suns away so that Prince Charming and I could drive the dismantled remnants of our living room to Bruce Lee's dump, and then she made us all green tea on our return. It should be noted that Saint K was simultaneously running her evening drop-in for All Daughter's Friends. It should also be noted that this same woman had in addition read today's newspaper- today...

Community is not dead, nor is it now reserved for Blogland. It is growing quietly still wherever the gentle war of child-rearing wages. Thank-you both muchly...

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