Thursday, 20 August 2009

Don't panic, Mummy, there are still shapes in the clouds

This was Jojo's spontaneous announcement as we drove along the Lough's shore this evening. I really don't think that he could have known how appropriate his encouragement was, but my goodness, am I chastened by his wisdom today!

Reasons to panic: I haven't begun to unpack the weekend in Kilkenny (for Crafting Catherine!); the summer is over now and I haven't done any spelling revision and not enough number revision with Mattman; the house is in such disarray that even the suns are asking constantly when the living room will be decorated and normality restored; I have left it too late to post my indignant question to principal who still hasn't confirmed whether or not I'm working two days instead of one and so I don't even know what pro rata percentage of Baker Days need to be done; Baker days are the same week as Sports Camp; our local Asthma Clinic is of no use to me, or rather to the boys, and I'm still fighting the NHS; and will there be enough grey wool left to finish its round of my blanket, which it transpires I've been crocheting wrongly all along?

Reasons not to panic: there are still shapes in the clouds, and Jojo can see them.



Catherine said...

Awwww! You are lovely and all will be well! Your room will be decorated and your children are fab!

Catherine x

alice c said...

This post touched me. I recognise that sense of panic at the end of the holidays when you wonder what on earth you have been doing and completely forget about the happy times in the overpowering knowledge that you have not done the reading or the spelling or the History project. Jojo was right - the clouds are still there and the panic passes.