Sunday, 9 August 2009


Well, it may or may not be swine flu, but I should isolate myself this week and have little contact with my children. I have no underlying serious conditions and am not pregnant, so require no Tamiflu. Thanks for that then!

I do plan to continue with my life regardless, though the only time I've been up and lucid in four days has been in the evening, so I am a tad at a loss tonight!

There have nonetheless been productive moments from my time in bed:

My Crafting Catherine Loopa scarf is complete and we have all had a little try. Mattman did admittedly need releasing from both attempts to entangle himself Houdini-like therein, so statue man was a much safer model!

I also finally read Star of the Sea and a better read I could not have had in time of lurgy! More than a famine novel, more than a detcective story, more than social comment. Fabulous. From that opening scene to O'Connor's brilliant weaving through a brave and complicated narrative choice. Superb. I have to confess that I read it in a day- in between sleep and sickness, which made it all so much more relevant- but that I am struggling to the point of defeat with Free-Range Knitter. I just don't get the style. It was the same with The Shack. Had to leave it behind on holiday- the atrocious writing style was worse even than the completely disturbing scenario. If you want to find God in fiction, go straight back to Life of Pi.

I'm going to have to retitle this blog "Fiction Snob"!

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