Monday, 10 August 2009

Reading and loving idle parents

I am reading and really loving I have been working through all its articles since the Addams Family (names changed to protect privacy of possibly most efficient family in the land) sent me the link last week. There was registered some initial offence that they saw this and thought of me, but the site has been a continual delight and inspiration ever since!

It came at a most timely moment. Crafting Catherine and I had been advocating the Neglect (in the most harmless sense of the word...) Breeds Independance approach to sun-rearing. This was the morning after Mattman and Jojo had made their own cereal whilst I struggled to awake. This was the very morning that Mattman had made his own toast (a relatively long-standing achievement), proceding to butter it and serve it with, decidedly chunky, slices of cheese. How proud I was- not least beacuse Single-Parent Friend has always maintained a vociferous path of Healthy Neglect with her patently fabulous off-spring.

However, this was also the morning before the morning when Mattman would spend all morning nursing two blistered fingers in a bowl of cold water. We had moved on to joint porridge-making and he had brushed the edge of the ring with his finger-tips. Not such a confident mother now...

Quand-meme- the Idle Parent site has much to ponder. Tonight's favourite for me is the No-Job Family. Tom Hodgkinson. A guru for my time.

And for me some proof of children finding good things to do with very little input, and not a blister in sight: a frieze now adorning our temporary living-room, cut and stuck during mother's yucky illness.

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