Monday, 24 October 2016

Thanksgiving (early)

My goodness, at the risk of boring you: look, it's me. AGAIN! I was thinking about Ann Voskamp the other day. It probably began with the thought of all the Christian books I never finish, hers included. This is not a criticism of the book, quite the opposite. I'll start a really good Christian book, get to the end of the first chapter and worthily think that I need to put what I've read into practice before I can read on. And that's it for another dusty addition to the unread pile.

Talking of dusty unread piles of books, I am worryingly behind on my Alphabet of Authors with an exciting dash to come before this year's end! I have, however, read some fabulous things. I digress.

Ann Voskamp. I loved reading her blog. It was one of the first blogs I followed. And for a while I did try to post on Mondays a list of things for which I was grateful that week and generally. I have just checked. I got to 834 out of the target 1000 on 1st July 2013. That's more than three years ago. I wonder can I get through 166 before this year's end...

835 Three years and three days ago I went back to work five days a week for the first time in six years. Working as a classroom assistant was supposed to be an experiment in getting back to full-time work, but 836 it has been an easy and very family-friendly post and I am still there.

837 Despite the stormy seas, or should I say skies, of Alan's aerospace company, he is also still there, and for that we are all most thankful.

838 In the last three years both boys have moved from Primary to Secondary school, the same one- for which I am very thankful! Not sure how much Jo likes being accosted all the time with people asking if he is Mattman's brother...

839 Mattman has had a difficult time with bullies, but continues to grow in resilience and confidence. We have recently been praying out of Daniel 3 that there will be no smell of fire on him, no scars seen or unseen.

840 My parents have moved from their top of the hill, snowed in twice a winter house to a seaside apartment at the bottom of the hill. 841 My mother continues to cope brilliantly and stoically with the aftermath of a severe stroke, and 842 my father is still well enough to ensure that they can continue living independantly.

843 My brother is an absolute star; without each other's support the care of our parents would be a more stressful thing.

844 We moved back to a Presbyterian church around three years ago after six years of Prince Charming leading worship in a local Anglican-Methodist united congregation. We have been welcomed and loved and gathered into a wonderful circle of friends and fellowship.

845 Jo has lots of his research done for his Albert Einstein presentation, and 846 we are getting to the end of a fortnight of horrendously hard homework deadlines. But now he needs the computer. 154 to go. Might need some of 2017 too!


ellen b said...

Oh that's a good prayer for your boy. I'm going to copy and paste so I remember it. I think I'll start praying that for our son-in-law who completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan...I don't think this kind of prayer can be too late...

GretchenJoanna said...

That was a pretty good streak of thanksgiving right there. If you did that daily... did you do the math to see how many per day you need?

I LOVE getting such a personal (and thankful besides) update from you. God is good.

Pom Pom said...

Aw, you love your boys so much. They are very blessed.
I must revisit my thankfulness journal.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It's always a good thing to go back and read how you've/we've been blessed, isn't it? If not for the occasional journals kept throughout the years, and my blog, I'm afraid I might have forgotten so much.
843 is a blessing and a gift based on my experience with Dave's Mother. All the blessings with your men are sweet and answers to prayer. One of my nicest memories is sitting beside you in church, watching PC lead music and praying for him and you.
Parents who are still active are another blessing and gift. Mags, your life is FULL of gifts and blessings...what a JOY!