Saturday, 20 December 2014

Views from around the Lough

 Last Thursday morning we were having breakfast when Jo shouted that it was snowing. One second later everything was nearly white and we watched in great excitement as the snow flowed slowly down the glass roof above our heads. It didn't last, and temperatures have hovered around 7 degrees ever since; disappointing given that we are now off school and ready for some snow fun!
 This afternoon we got around to a walk at 3pm, conscious that we had an hour of daylight left! We headed to the shore of Belfast Lough at the bottom of our hill where the beach and the park have been stalwart run-off-steam essentials for all our family life!
 The tide was far far out, and we tramped over the lough bed to the water's edge. Mattman missed the last two days of his term because he was poorly and we were trying to aerate him.
 On top of the rock just beyond the water's edge is a seal. There is very often a seal on that rock. Fancy demands that it to be the same one, but I'm not sure. It was very comfortably balanced.
 Mattman rescued a starfish. I'm fairly sure that it was beyond rescuing but he took great care that it reached deeper water.
And sure enough, one hour later it was dark. We strolled around the Norman settlement of Carrickfergus, and discussed the differences between William the Conqueror and William of Orange. The former's legacy had the castle built; the latter's had a statue built and a country divided. The castle has also been one of our very useful places to visit with boys. It's funny to think of that now that they are both nearly the same height as me and close to knowing more!

Advent is ending and Christmas is upon us. Prince Charming was in Carrick to do some Christmas shopping. I am blogging to avoid some Christmas baking. Here it comes!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

lovely post, Mags. snow here, this morning, then melted. so nice you're able to be at the shore in such a little while. Merry Christmas!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your views are invigorating! I like the idea of aerating someone who has not been feeling tip-top. I should go aerate myself right now. God's blessings on your house.

Jane and Chris said...

I had a friend who lived in Carrickfergus...I'm pretty sure he didn't live in the castle.
How was the DID make it,didn't you?!
Jane x

Kezzie said...

Not a peep of snow here! I'm quite glad actually!
Ooh, I am impressed at the Starfish!x

M.K. said...

Do you mean to say, Mags, that the ocean, with a bit of beach, is just at the bottom of your house's property? I'm amazed! I didn't know you lived so close to the water. It's lovely. I like the seal. I do think snow is so settling, so peaceful. Perhaps snow in December is there to remind us to calm ourselves.