Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pause in Advent IV

We've always talked about the Winter Solstice, and indeed the Summer one. It's just that this year I have been more than ever aware of how dark the days have been, how short. The boys and I have marvelled at it over grey breakfasts and dusk-filled school returns. Admittedly this photo has just been taken at 7pm, but it has been this dark since 4pm!

And I feel the darkness now as Advent comes to an end. I don't feel excitement as the days of Christmas approach. As the boys and I often say, Jesus wasn't born on 25th December. I am breeding Scrooges! I feel tired at the thought of all the food organisation, preparation and consumption. I feel defeated by the psychology of family. I am admittedly lying down under a rotten cold this evening in the hope that it will go away and quickly.

Maybe I should lie down in hope under the whole thing. Lie down under a blanket with some paracetamol and the annual reading of Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher! I'll count how many times she mentions Belfast sinks and be inspired by the glamour of Carrie who sprays her cold-ridden self with sophisticated perfume and opens the door to the possible love of her life. Maybe I'll spray myself with my one small bottle of sophisticated perfume and open the door to Prince Charming and our suns when they get back from the carol service!

Hope. There is my word for the next week. Hope for energy, hope for being organised, hope for celebration- as Gary's post so succintly exhorts. Thank you to Ang for this year's Pause in Advent. It is an integral part of December for me now- and I have loved reading all your wisdoms xx


Kezzie said...

Hope. Yes, hope is the most important thing. Jesus brought hope to us. He still brings us Hope despite all we've made a mess of what he gave us.x

Kezzie said...

and Merry Christmas dear friend. x

Angela said...

Thanks for all your Pauses. Get well soon. Not at all sure about that perfume - will have to find a tester somewhere and sniff it. But Earl Grey and Cucumber sounds too much like Vicarage TeaParty
We thought of you this morning when BBC Radio 4 had a morning service from Methody.
I too am living in Hope! [and also very grateful to Gary for folding all those leaflets for me before the Carol Service whilst I prepared the hot chocolate]

Lisa Richards said...

Hope you feel better soon! My desire is to make Christmas as simple as possible. To remember that Jesus came to earth (whenever it might have happened) and have a simple get-together. That's easy for me to say since my family is mostly too far away to get together! :) Just me and my daughter and her family. Simple meals. Have the grands open some inexpensive gifts. Take it easy and take care of yourself!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Your perfume sounds very interesting, wish I'd had a whiff when I visited. I don't "celebrate" Advent but enjoy the services each Sunday.
As to Christmas...thinking I'll be at home, with the animals, handing out carrots, tuna and bones.
Hope you're well soon!

Pom Pom said...

I love Winter Solstice by RP! It's my favorite, I think. I'm so sorry you have a cold. Stay warm, little lamb.
Every time a "to do" thought concerning food prep comes into your head, tell yourself that you will think about that when it is absolutely necessary and not before. When the family gets too gabby and if per chance they do not carefully measure their words or wisely choose the topics, remain silent. Just tell your little soul, "Hush."

M.K. said...

Mags, sounds like you need rest. Sometimes big events wear us out, emotionally as well as physically. I've also been sick for about a week, and am a lot better. Rest.