Thursday, 30 May 2013

Views from my windows

 Oh, the relief when it is sunny for Jane's Views from our Windows! I'm still marking, and will be for weeks, but it helps enormously when the sun is hot on my back and the view is bright!
 Cheat close-up of lovely flowers from our lovely rector who came for (can't guarantee lovely) dinner and lovely chat this week. Mattman's wacky flower homework from way back keeping real flowers company!
 Open door to back garden; all windows in the house are open too, because, yes, Irish summer is here- the three days in May that we all await with eager expectation so that we can wear our sandals. I've had mine for possibly five years now, and they still look brand new!
 Front garden nice and shady and cool, until the sun moves round in an hour or so.
 Finally there are lilac blooms appearing- look hard to the right of the tree house!
Wide expanses of blue sky. It's the same one that's over your head right now- hope it's bright and lovely where you are too x


magsmcc said...

No, Ang, I didn't remember to change the date for the picture! At least it's a day this week- Jo has had it set to his (October) birthday for ages!

magsmcc said...
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Pom Pom said...

Lovely! Yay for blue skies!
Oh, my heart goes out to you as you mark. You must be a good marker!
I shall being doing the same (essays) as the students complete their final exams.
LOVE you, dear!

Angela said...

Nope, our sky grey and raining still. But I DID ride to the church coffee drop in on my bicycle. I am trying to be good!
Lovely flowers x

M.K. said...

Your yard is lovely, Mags!! I really like your enclosed back garden with the pebbly floor. Very pretty. Bright skies and sandal weather -- Yay!! Enjoy, and don't overdo the marking :)

Jane and Chris said...

Yes, our shared sky is blue! When we moved to Scotland our removal man told us that summer would be on a Wednesday, and not to miss it.
I'll be putting my pics up later...there'll be wildlife!
Jane x

Scarlet said...

Our sky was blue this afternoon - totally unexpected after the greyness of the rest of the day. I haven't worn sandals for the last 2 summers - last year I wore boots for most of it! I'm doing better this year and am in pumps already!

Kezzie said...

I love this feature! Your windows are lovely. Mine are dirty and the view is not pretty!x

Thistle Cove Farm said...

blue skies and sunny days are bliss! no matter how long or short.