Thursday, 23 May 2013

View from one window

This is the view that I am looking at a lot at the minute. I am marking and marking and marking and marking from dawn (or significantly after) to dusk (or until a late bedtime).  I'm surprised I caught a sunny moment here, as we all got soaked at 3pm. Though the heavens did only open as the school bell rang!

But Spring it most certainly is. It's just that the April showers waited a month to get here. It will be fabulous if we then get the May heat-wave in June, or even during the actual school holidays?

This view will be an interesting one at around 8am tomorrow morning. All four of us will be out looking for snails. P4 homework. Bring snails. I didn't want them trapped in a box, even with holes, all night; so that's the plan. Snails. Snails to school. Marking.
Bon début de weekend à toutes!


Pom Pom said...

Snails? What if you can't find any? What are they going to do with them at school?
I like your chairs!
Oh, all that marking! Good job, Mags!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, hope the paperwork is over soon and you can get outside. Snails? Really? Better you than me...slimy critters. -grin-

Jane and Chris said...

Please don't tell me the snails are for cooking class!
Jane x

M.K. said...

Now a bad view, I think! :) I'm sorry about all the marking (or "grading," as we call it here). But it must be done! It's such a feeling of accomplishment when it's done. Your mention of snails reminds me of the adorable book, "Clementine in the Kitchen." Do you know it? Since it's delightfully French, you'd enjoy it, I think! Set in pre-WW2 France, a U.S. family with an adopted French cook. So much fun. Makes me want to read it AGAIN :)

Angela said...

Will the rain make the snails come out or stay in? I suppose their shells are waterproof so it won't matter.

PomPom - you should know that the chairs are Very Comfortable as well as good looking

Mags, is it half term for you now? it is here

Weekend blessings xx

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

funny you should be looking for snails, I found a fabulous yellow shell in the garden yesterday but the snail was still inside! I left him out in the hope a bird might get him to move house - must go and take a look!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely to read what you're up to, Mags. I hope you find some snails - but I hope they are well treated at school too.