Thursday, 16 May 2013

Views from My Window

 Last week we had one day of summer, and today again another day of blue skies and warm sun.  We're learning, after many long, wet summers now, to get out there and love life while it lasts. The hills that you can just see are the Holywood hills (just one l, the County Down town!) Belfast Lough lies between us and them and it has been shimmering and turquoise and beautiful all day.
 The blossom is just past its best and starting to show signs of fading.
 Side garden never really looks anything other than the shady, mossy place for running boys that it is, regardless of seasons!
 But out front, where a small unit of mine and others' high octane suns are shining, all has been most encouraging.
 Not only washing on the line, but the slurping of ice-lollies to boot.
And no boots required today for the surveying of the, partially weeded, strawberry bed. Finally signs that something nice might be afoot...

More views from windows here chez Jane, where I hope the snow didn't stay?!


Jane and Chris said...

How blue is that sky? The blue sky makes the blues on your washing line sing. I'd like a lolly too ,please but not orange...I don't like orange...or cherry...or grape. Pineapple perhaps?
Jane x

Kezzie said...

Oooh, I love the veg bed!!!x

Pom Pom said...

I'm so glad the weather has warmed up a bit, Mags! I like the photo of the clothes line.

Scarlet said...

Beautiful blue sky - we have similar this morning so I think lunch in the garden may be possible today- fingers are firmly crossed as I need some warmth in my bones.