Sunday, 6 January 2013

Three Go Mad

It's actually been a case of four going mad in this house since Christmas! But I have found one way of maintaining a semblance of sanity. The principal solution seems to be the tactical ignoring of everyone and everything, but this only works up to a point, as my years in the classroom should have told me. So, for the last two nights I have embraced the terriblision.

Since the digital thing I have admittedly made absolutely no effort whatsoever to fnd out anything at all about the overwhelming and incomprehensible array of lots of things to watch, But no longer! Last night I discovered that a careful use of the Guide button could transport you instantly to wall-to-wall Location, Location, Location and thence straight into uninterrupted episodes of Doc Martin.  Good grief!  Bliss.

Tonight I couldn't find the same select selection, and thought that we might see what all the River Cottage fuss has been about. I know. I come ridiculously late to all things. Ask anyone.  The suns and I curled up with Robert Webb, Ruby Wax and Lee Mac, learning to cook the River Cottage way. If I say that all three of us were entranced enough to stop bouncing off sofas and each other, you'll understand.

Up until now I have thought of Hugh Whatsit as someone very esoteric and unpronounceable.  Henceforth however Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall will be the TV hero who had my two young men discussing the relative merits of wilted spinach in your pancakes and bechamel sauce supper. And I will very soon be trying out that Victoria Sponge equation- weigh the eggs first and use the same weight of butter, sugar and flour. Boys very impressed with the cakes.

I did find some gorgeous images of the River Cottage three going mad in the Wisley-esque kitchen garden, but Blogger still seems to be blocking pictures. At least it has stopped blocking the blog list- I couldn't find any of you earlier, and then I felt very lost indeed!


Pom Pom said...

I have been watching Doc Martin for seven days straight. I should live in Cornwall. Why don't I?

Jane and Chris said...

We had wilted spinach in our tapenade/sundried tomato pasta tonight...a most under rated veggy.
Jane x

Angela said...

PomPom -
Cornwall IS beautiful, it has stunning views, and some lovely houses and gardens, it is gloriously sunny in the summer...but Doc Martin doesn't always reflect the full story

...many people don't live there because it floods, it gets cold in winter, and it is at one corner of England and not easy to get to!

I love the county and have many friends there- but recognize the downs as well as the ups!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh I adore Doc Martin; think it's a fabulous show and have always been attracted to brains more than brawn. Well, at least in my more mature, sober years!

Amy Danielle said...

if you are still on facebook, i want to find you, friend. xo