Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Spot the strawberries!

Here it finally is! A really super video on Rend and church and community and faith. Prince Charming is very easy to spot- female fraise makes brief appearances! And if you'd like more music, try this- don't know that our voices are quite so easily distinguished in the crowd!


Jane and Chris said...

Oh my goodness,oh my goodness,oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVED this.
Yes I was shouting LOVED!
Thank you.
Jane x

Angela said...

OOh! I spotted you both - the tallest and shortest people in the gathering [and probably among the oldest, but we won't go there...]

This one is on my birthday list.

blessings xx

Elizabethd said...


Fat Dormouse said...

I guessed wich were you and PC, but as I've never met you I can't say I was sure..! But it was a brill video and I, like Ang, can't wait to get the CD. Thank you SO much for introducing us to Rend and could you persuade them to come to France please!?

Catherine said...

So cool Mags...I spotted you 3 times was there more of you...singing yay little heart out yahoo!! x0x0x