Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fourth Sunday in Advent: Only one guarantee

We went to see Rise of the Guardians on Friday when the guys finished school for Christmas. Interesting movie. Prince Charming didn't read it as a secularisation of Easter, and I'm quite sure the suns didn't either. Anyway, on the way home Belfast Lough was so covered in mist that you wouldn't have known that there was a city at the end of it at all. So we decided, in true Rise of the Guardians philosophy, that if we couldn't see Belfast then no-one must believe in Belfast.
I was thinking about this when we all went to Ivory for lunch yesterday. We were out on the balcony that usually has fairly super views overe the city's skyline, but the same mist was shrouding all but the nearest buildings. Maybe nobody does believe in Belfast anymore, I thought. And right on cue a merry band of flag protesters appeared right beneath our feet.
On their way to the City Hall again, I suppose, at lunchtime on the last Saturday before Christmas. Nice afternoon for the riot police trailing along in their wake. No doubt they'll still mention Titanic Belfast and the Queen's handshake when they review 2012, but you can see where it will all end.
We took refuge in wine and wordsearches! Here in Strawberry Land we are shaken by recent events all around us, but also by a frightening toll of marriage breakdown with family and friends. As Advent draws to a close we are clinging to the job that the baby came to do.
We had gone to the Ivory for lunch because it was our fourteenth wedding anniversary- for which ivory is apparently the traditional gift. Not wanting to have dead elephant on a shelf, however, we all had a really lovely time in the restaurant high up in Victoria Square. We had a table between the fish tank and the screen showing Elf. The marriages in trouble around us have all clocked up more than our fourteen years. No guarantees in life, I do often say. Except one. Except one Prince of Peace.


Angela said...

happy anniversary - blessings on you both xx

Thistle Cove Farm said...

And the Prince of Peace is the only guarantee worth having!
Happy Anniversary, Mags, to you and your wonderful Prince Charming!
How I wish those folks who are being so cavalier with their marriages could trade places with me. They don't want their spouse and I would give years off my life to have mine back.

Betty said...

What a fun idea for your Ivory anniversary! Wishing you a very happy Christmas filled with peace. Betty

Fat Dormouse said...

God bless you and your PC, dear Mags. There are no guarantees, you are right, but with love, determination, and trust in the prince of peace then marriages can survive. Keep talking, and laughing and loving. Happy Christmas, and congratulations on your anniversary.

Kezzie said...

How true! He's the only guarantee, and even though we might not 'see him', we see him! Merry Christmas and a happy anniversary to you!x

Somehow I think I've missed your other pauses for advent so am off for a look!x

Catherine said...

Yes isn't scary Mags the marriages in trouble all over the show. So many men just walking away that I have heard of just recently. Happy anniversary to you two! Giggle..between the fish tank & the screen showing Elf..that's just it, life is so full of imperfections & today is all we ever have...imperfectly. x0x0x