Saturday, 15 December 2012


Today I have:
  • Raided the dressing-up cupboard for costumes for two wise men from the East
  • Taken all strawberries round the supermarket without anyone drawing blood
  • Bought everyone lunch at the supermarket to avoid having to make it and then wash it up afterwards
  • Made Christmas cake
  • Made jammy Christmas stars
  • Totally out of the blue helped another mum organise a puppet show for P4's Got Talent next Thursday. This involved digging out the puppet theatre, the puppets, packing Jo off to his co-puppeteer's house for an hour, and writing Scene One of Christmas in the Noisy Jungle.
  • Roasted a chicken for dinner
  • Made chocolate cake
  • Made rest of dinner
  • Ate and washed up dinner
  • Made crowns for two wise men from the East and helped them decorate same
  • Dug out gold ball thing from attic and negotiated frankincenese prop. Third time lucky...
  • Made courgette and walnut bread, staving off nut allergy boys from kitchen door long after they should have been asleep
  • Made vegetable soup with chicken carcass
  • Sat down with husband and eaten toast
The question now is- what would Margaret Claus do next? Would she go to bed with Father Christmas, or would she stay up and make the shortbread for the second of tomorrow's two parties after the Sunday School Nativity? I think we all know, even if we haven't seen Arthur Christmas! I am very much looking forward to tomorrow's Pause! (It just might not happen until the last mulled pie has been eaten...)


M.K. said...

Mags!!! My WORD -- how did you do all that cooking? That's about a week's worth of cooking for me. I'm very impressed. And it all sounds festive and delicious.

Angela said...

You didn't mention that you also rehearsed your leading part in the upcoming stage version of "I don't Know How She Does It"

VERY impressed by this day's achievements!!

Pom Pom said...

Look at you go! Now I want toast and then cake. I love your doings. I love you.

El Perro Blanco said...

Can I borrow your TARDIS when you have finished with it, cos that has to be the only way to fit that much into 1 waking day!!

Gumbo Lily said...

Busy Bee! You sound joyful in all of your Christmassy doings. You Go Girl!