Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The thing about facebook is:

I like liking pages belonging to places I like and then being able to see in one place at one time what's on at the places I like to like. Hence we got to Land of the Giants, and hope not to miss something as special as Peace Camp at Downhill Demesne next time.

I like logging in late at night to see if Queen Niqi is about for a chat.

I love being logged in at the same time as Ali in Nepal, when we chat as if she too were just up the hill.

It's a great place to upload lots of pictures that everyone's asking for- Spring Balls, Great Escapes.

And on the rare occasion when PC is across the Atlantic, it's a wonderful way to leave messages and photos, and connect when time zones actually permit.


The mores vary as much as the people who use it.

When you're a private sort of a person you really shouldn't be there.

You get folk from all the different cultures and mindsets of your acquaintance throwing remarks about without any idea of the interpretation they'll provoke.

When you have a clever phone it's suddenly all fine and dandy to be so busy telling the world how much you're enjoying yourself at x, y, z that you forget you're currently with the tagged A, B, C at x, y, z who are either doing exactly the same thing or feeling sadly neglected.


I should be connecting with the real souls of this house way more than with what I heard kids in school yesterday refer to as bakebook. You'd need to know that bake in Northern Irish means face. I think!


Amy Danielle said...

i am back on there but can't find you. i've never claimed i was technologically savvy, friend. :)

El Perro Blanco said...

I love our late night chats too. Who would have thought a little green dot could make me feel so happy.

Elizabethd said...

I think I have read too much about the dangers to want to be part of Facebook.

GretchenJoanna said...

So well said...I knew I didn't want a smart phone but the way you put it makes me positive I don't want one of those clever phones! I already feel that I sadly neglect people I'm with, and I'm certain I would do it more. Just now a friend let us know that she and her husband are getting rid of their smart phones because of the unneeded expense for something that distracts them from their children and duties...

The dB family said...

It's so hard to find a balance. When I gave the blogging for awhile, I picked up facebooking more. Now, I'm not on either one much because I want to be blogging more, but am sorely lacking ideas and things to write about. So instead I pop by visit my friends in blogdom :o).


Pom Pom said...

It's true that so many people are constantly staring at their phones. Sad.
I do like technology VERY much, I admit.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm happy that facebook has connected me to some wonderful people from my past, but it's also connected me to people I'm not so sure I want to be connected with, old flames and friends I'm not sure I was every really friends with who start talking about coming for a visit. It's just another example of technology's double-edged sword, I suppose ...


Angela said...

I love technology - but I am resisting...
Smart phones with internet/email connections
Kindles and other e-readers

and I must stop now because the oven timer I set when I go on to the PC for Blog-Land Time has just bleeped!!

this self-control discipline stuff is So Hard!!

blessings xx

Betty said...

I am loving Rend, so can can I buy a signed copy at all do you think - being as how you're the mummy in all of this? you must so proud