Saturday, 29 September 2012

Big Bumper Birthday Weekend: Day One of Three

This is not my Jo! This fine (human) specimen is another mother's son, and I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing job she has done. Mostly because I don't know it, except in part.

I met Aaron, not having met the tortoise at all, when he was in a Youth Fellowship where I was helping to facilitate a Peace programme. This was shortly after the Frozen North got The Peace. Now he is cycling back home from Istanbul to Belfast. The tortoise whom he has met en route has inspired a short story for children and for all those who have ears to hear.

He's the sort of guy you'd love your own suns to meet and chat to some day, maybe when they're a bit older.  Old enough to catch the call. Two days away from being eight is still a bit young for intercontinental cycling, but not for the tortoise story!  I think you'd all love his blog.

Today we took thirteen boys to play pirate golf, and then discovered that there were in fact fourteen. One day down; two to go!


Gill - That British Woman said...

how many did you bring home? Hopefully not 15...LOL


El Perro Blanco said...

14...Lucky for you I hope?

Fat Dormouse said...

I have visited, commented and linked to his site. What an amazing young man he is. And I love his tortoise story. I want to marry him!! (but don't tell Mr FD!)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, thank you so much for Aaron's blog site; he's an amazing man and looking forward to reading his adventures.