Sunday, 1 July 2012

Land of the Giants

After two and a half hours logged in and locked in and totally obsessed one morning last week, I somehow ended up with eight armbands for Land of the Giants instead of the maximum four!
The BBC has a super article that explains the event much better than I will, but I'll bet they weren't at all as moved as I was! The sequence where they took "snapshots" of generations of Belfast folk living Belfast lives was fabulous.
And the way in which they built up a model of Titanic, waltzing sadly towards the iceberg was beautiful. The building of Titanic Belfast had been the backdrop for stunning son et lumiere effects from the start of the night, but now its craggy, icy exterior was the main character.
And this is my Jo, perched high over the heads of 20,000 spectators, braving the late hour, and the rain. New generation of Belfast folk living (suburban) Belfast lives.

And finally, just because we're just back from our annual Day Out at Summer Madness, where You Know Who were leading worship, here's a wee dose of You Know Who- giants from my land!


Pom Pom said...

So interesting!
I have the RCE album you told me about and I like it very much!
You guys are a "doing" family and I really believe that teaches children to love community. You're so good, Mags.

Lyndelou said...

Oh 'lucky' you - I tried but couldn't get any tickets. Nice start to the school holidays. L x

Fat Dormouse said...

Huzzah! More Rend Collective Experiment!!! I really must get their album. I keep not quite getting round to it, but I love their music.

Betty said...

Lovely Rend. You always have so much going on.

Fat Dormouse said...

Just want to add a note that I played a lot of RCE one day at Summer School while I was planning. It really helped me get through the day...and I heard one of the teachers humming this song later on that day!