Monday, 30 July 2012

Greatitudes 573 - 607

It was Catherine of Kids and Capers who got me into blogging, but I'd been reading yarnstorm since the Christmas when PC gave me The Gentle Art of Domesticity. That's another story. Shortly after that I started reading Ann Voskamp's blog. I love that blog. I love the poetry of the words, the spirituality of the day to day- very close to the idea of Celtic Christianity. It's a challenge to read, and a challenge to live. And these gratitude posts of mine, greatitudes like the Beatitudes, are my attempt to see the meaning and the joy and acknowledge the blessing in the humdrum. It's taking me ages to get there, but look- I'm over half-way!

So finally I bought the book, but as well as being thankful for the words therein, I am also deeply thankful for MK's critique thereof. It's good to read them both.
More than two weeks ago we were in our secluded Cornish cove, with sunshine! Wide open space; wide, open air; sea sea sea! Secret pools that opened with the tide; reassuring presence of coast guards when you were looking over your shoulder for the tide! Confident, happy suns- running free from tide-line to village shop, from front door of beach house to sand dune's edge. Easy boundaries!
Oh so thankful to men who will happily wander through Tate St Ives and Barbara Hepworth's place because it's your birthday! I think they would have come anyway, but not so happily!
Woolly hat at the end of the land. And tall, well heated shelter from the wind.
Wisley Gardens. Oh my. Not having even a slightly green digit, I was unprepared for the experience that this is! Thankful for the cousins who lent us their annual passes- don't tell... Thankful for the layout that means your children have to see it all, and do it all, and think about it all before they get to the sublime children's area at the back. Thankful for that gorgeous play area at the back!
But very grateful to the inspiration that has a full lending library right at the heart. With a children's section too! And with a so lovely librarian who showed us where to sit, and smiled at us for the full length of time we sat and read, and read, and read, and read!
Loving the Olympics- really! And have less sporting gene than gardening! But we've seen the torch in three places now, Mattman has held one, we have watched the opening ceremony three times, and the telly is on constantly.
Early morning feeding the ducks. Deeply grateful to PC's cousins who allowed us free rein in their fabulous house for a whole week. Such a privilege to hang out in Guildford- you locals are lucky folk! Betty, next time I will be looking you up!

Back home. Solo summer surviving. But there has been Orla's chocolate cake.
There are Ikea glasses which are not so painful to replace.
And thank you, thank you, thank you for Lego!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

A lovely list! And yes, Lego is our friend! We are watching the Olympics as well, but the coverage here is dismal; all they seem to show is the Americans, and each event is followed by a commercial with the star athlete of the event. Sigh. Maybe I should come over to your house and watch.


M.K. said...

This was fun to read, Mags :) Looks like you had a fabulous time. I've just renewed Voskamp's book at the library, so I have to finish it in a few weeks!! Thanks for your link :)

Betty said...

Oh yes, you better look me up next time! you were quite near. I have never been to Wisley and now I wish I had! You have done well to cram so much of the Olympics trail into your holiday. Glad you are back safe. Betty x

Gabe said...


Love your list, Mags!

GretchenJoanna said...

You've made me think about how nice it is to be here with the grandchildren during the first week of the Olympics - there are more people in the house to talk to about all the wonders.

I loved all of your list, even just the words "Cornish cove."

Pom Pom said...

You are so funny! Less sporting gene than gardening! Love that!
I'm so glad you began blogging when you did and I'm so happy that I found you, my dear Wind in the Willows friend!
I pray the sun begins to shine very soon and the sunflowers burst into song!