Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Grand Tour Itinerary: finally...

I have eventually bestirred myself from the strawberry sloth and sludge to look at the generously long list of Willowistes. It is a little incredible to note that in all their adventures hitherto, they have only been to the first four stops on their journey! It looks very much as though their tour of the States will mirror everyone's journey to Bethlehem- and to think that originally I imagined them back home with Pom by Thanksgiving!

Profound and very genuine apologies if I have you in the wrong order, or worse still, have left you off the list- please let me know!

I considered finding a soundtrack of "In the Deep Mid-winter" as an accompaniment to the Itinerary, but they seem to be having too muchly a jolly time wherever they go! It is funny though to think that by the time they get to Australia and New Zealand, we may well be coming out of winter, while the Willows will perhaps be flying towards another Autumn!

I only have links in the sidebar to blogs already visited- and the links go to just one of the posts from that place. There will be other posts before or after, so do browse around!


Pom Pom said...

Well, I'm not surprised that you're befuddled as to the Willows wanderings! It's been a bit nuts! Gigi could not host them because she's traveling just now, so their stop in Texas was a bit like an airport layover! She sent them on to MK and now they are going to one of Deborah's blog friend's house in Southern California (lucky boys! ) Kim is hosting them for a while and then she'll send them on to Frances who will tuck them together for their voyage across the Atlantic. Dear Sandra at Thistle Cove has just lost her husband. She is understandably too overwhelmed to participate. Pray for her. So after Through a Glass Darkly: For Heaven's Sake and finally Left-Handed Housewife. Your European itinerary looks solid as can be! JOY! This is beyond FUN!

Angela said...

Oh dear. By the time they get here, I just KNOW the Spare Bedroom will be untidy again.

It's just plot to encourage me to Keep On Top Of Things.

Betty said...

Thanks for the list of WITW stops, looking forward to my turn and have found them some cosy spots in the woods. Betty

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm looking forward to having the boys around Christmas time. I hope they like candy canes watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!