Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crave indulgence

Sorry folks, not that sort of indulgence! I need yours for a day- I am taking a break from Christmas! Childlike will be here tomorrow (it's still Tuesday here) but just for today I need to know that normal life will resume after Sunday! SO!

Crochet. I'm on to what I am affectionately deeming Stage Two of The Ripple. Stage One was the sample, in Rico Baby Gruen- the main colour, I think.

Satge Two, tonight's project, was to chain the 199 needed after measuring Sunday night's sample. I was appalled at the thought of accurately keeping track of this, so marked every set of ten loops! Bemused arm belongs to long-suffering Jo who has ball of said Rico Baby stuffed down the front of his shirt to keep it out of the shot!

And finally, I have made a start on my Beatrix Potter reading- well, I read the first one. All I can say is that if a single parent of four children, living in a sparsely furnished cellar, can take herself off to the bakery for buns while her reprobate son runs up another bill of anti-social behaviour in a neighbour's garden, and still be sane enough to cook any sort of supper and provide medical ministrations- she's a better woman than me! (Me at BP's Lake District house in July 2008!)


Angela said...

V impressed by J's yarnholding skills - and lack of Lego on floor.
What happened to your knee in 2008?

My crocheting [crochetting?] gone utterly haywire of late

I like the green colour

blessings x

Amy Danielle said...

You've piqued my interest. Which BP book are you reading? xo

magsmcc said...

Sometimes we tidy, Ang, sometimes! I'm not telling, Amy D- you'll have to find out!

The dB family said...

I'm very curious about your yarn marking system. I ALWAYS lose count.


Pom Pom said...

It's the hardest part, all that chaining and counting and gritting of the teeth!
I love BP. That picture of you at her house: LOVE!

Betty said...

I'm interested to know which book you are reading. I saw the film of BP recently and loved it. I am never going to master crochet, but it's great to see others doing so well. Have a lovely Christmas.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Mags! Click on over to Kim's post and see what the Willows got to do! Wow! Soon, yes very soon, they shall fly from Frances's North Carolina home to YOUR home! I'm quite excited to follow their European travels! I'm so happy that their last stop down under will be Catherine at Angel in the Garden. You'll love Kim's post!