Saturday, 31 December 2011

...and a Happy Hopey Hooky New Year!

Is it a terrible sign of aging that you feel slight fear at the thought of another year, or simply cowardice? I am endeavouring to remember Hope today! May 2012 bring you lots of blanket moments to cower/comfort/rest/rejoice under as the coming life-filled months may require!


Jane and Chris said...

I hope that you never have to hide under a balnky in 2012!
Jane x

Angela said...

Have you done THAT MUCH ripple blanket already?
Happy new year to you, PC and the Suns - may many many unexpected blessings come your way, dearest friend xx

Pom Pom said...

I love all the green in your ripples!
The wind is howling today, so it's a good day to ripple!

Gumbo Lily said...

Happy Hooking!
Happy New Year!

Betty said...

that's a beautiful peice of work to see 2012 in with. Happy New Year.

Lyndelou said...

Not sure if I should thank you for the inspiration or not!!!! Having carted my 8 large balls of stylecraft to Devon and back and to Castlerock and back - I still had not broken one ball band to start my ripple until the week before Christmas.... progress at last least it was until I saw this picture and decided I liked the variable row height (I had been doing two rows of each colour) and took it all back to the first row!!!!!! Thankfully I had only about six rows done and it gave me a chance to perfect my chainless ripple foundation - to be shared on my blog IF I fulfill one of my NY resolutions and start one before next Christmas.

The dB family said...

Look at that lovely afghan!! How do you do that so beautifully?

It's a snuggle up kind of day here for sure. We have snow today and yet less than a few km's down the road they do not. Funny Canadian weather!