Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Help! Drafts!

I should be blogging about- apple cozies that are ready to go, Betty's box that is nearly ready to go, Angela's Thrifty Thursdays and how amazing that is because of the Year of Living Small, the Year of Living Small.
However, I am having more and more difficulty posting anything, admittedly since this new machine arrived in all its slick, quick flick of a technological hooray.
I can't get photos to download first time for sure- they disappeared completely from a post last night, literally when my back was turned, and were only retrieved when I went into Drafts.
I can't publish by hitting this orange button at the bottom; it just doesn't respond at all. I have to publish by going into Drafts.
I can't highlight text to put in a link- I got Mise's link in last night, but then couldn't at all highlight the next thing I wanted to link through. Not even in Drafts!
And now I'm going to go and watch the rest of the fabulous French series thing with Jack Dee and Adrian Young Ones. So clever, so beautiful, and tonight so Provence!


magsmcc said...

And as you can see I can't even get paragraphs to work!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Computers are terrible except that they are wonderful. Go figure.


Amy Danielle said...

oh how much fun it would be to have one of your sweet apple cozies! feeling jealous of all your local friends/customers and wishing there was not an ocean between us, dear friend.

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Blogger is being very temperamental at times, it posted a post about 10 times at the weekend and I think everyone probably got sick of seeing it pop up in their reader. I think some of the blips are still due to beign 'keep me signed in' on the password entry as when I remove that option things settle down. Hope you sort it as would love to see all your pictures. Bettyx

Angela said...

Blogger is SUCH a pain sometimes- just persevere [and mutter under your breath] I see that Vatherine over at K&C has given a whole new meaning to 'keeping the apples cosy' !


Alan said...

nothing to do with the new computer - all to do with the poxy coding in blogspot!