Monday, 20 September 2010

Greatitudes 285 - 300

Well first off let's be grateful for Google images and the wealth of lush colour it gives when you whisper "Autumn Leaves" and, as if by magic, Millais appears. I actually wanted to use this by Chris Glass, but I don't know to attribute it in so you'll have to take my word that I think it would be lovely on our Autumn plate with the Yankee candle Be Thankful jar on top and our horse chestnut collection all around! And today it stopped raining!

I have had a lachrymose time this week. BUT. My suns are happy at school. PC is very prepared to be involved with them and with this present time. And I'm banking on God's patience with me and on His plan for us all.

Our Methodist minister is always class. But Sunday's children's address joined with one he did last year in giving me much food for hopeful thought. Last year he talked about how, when a wounded goose can't fly as well or as quickly as the rest of the flock and risks being completely left behind, two other geese will come either side of him and somehow carry him along. And then do other geese come along when they get tired? I think I was probably crying too much to hear that bit!

This week we had to guess chess pieces from their silhouettes, and then shout out how they could move. And thence emerged the thought that they all move different ways at different rates in different directions. But they are all part of the game.

One of my suns loves the Max Lucado book "You are Special". I'm so glad he does. Same sun said last night, when the road to the airport was closed, that we didn't need to worry about finding another road because God would show us the way. Other sun then pointed out that there weren't three people in the car, but four, because God was in the passenger seat. He did then proceed to lean forward with his hand to his ear, and tell me that God said we had to go straight on and then turn left, or maybe right....

We were collecting PC after his Worship Retreat, which he said was interesting and encouraging. Good! But we are very glad he's home! Number 300 is this link to wisdom:


Gumbo Lily said...

I have always loved that fall picture. It makes me remember when I was a girl and we'd rake leaves and Dad would burn the pile in the back alley (back when burning was still ok).

Love the suns' thoughts about God. Simple truths.


Pom Pom said...

Hi, Mags!
Bill is home, too! I told him he must go to Ireland and see you and yours and he said, "Okay, maybe in March!" I wish I could come but I'll come in the summer time. I'll show him the web site. It sounds like what he loves.
Well, I'm so happy for you that the Lord is carrying you, along with the people who love you (who could resist?) and I'm glad you are my friend. YOU are amazing!

Floss said...

My shoes are retired and enjoying a life in the sun! So much better than wrapped up in a dark bin bag. I'm sure there's some good philosphical imagery there...

I love the geese story - I am bad at asking for help when I need it. I would rather limp on alone and it's good to be reminded that seeking help is wisdom, not weakness. And God is with us (even if discerning the exact directions can take time - great story about your suns!)


The Coffee Lady said...

I had that this summer - someone in church saying something that spoke directly to me. Beautiful.

Angela said...

Ooh, I like the chess piece children's talk idea! Is it copyright, can I borrow it to use here?
I'd heard the wounded goose story before
love and blessings x

Elizabethd said...

We have watched the cranes flying overhead to their Summer home, and there are always one or two 'outriders' to circle round and keep an eye on the slower ones who might be left behind. Lovely analogy.
Will be praying for you.

Gumbo Lily said...

Just had to tell you that I scored a -1 on the 1930's Marital Test and I really thought I should do well. Don't feel bad now, I'm joining you.


Jenny said...

What a lovely post. I like how you write.

Em and Lib said...

Beautiful! Now to score some fireworks for your next list...
*BLessings* from Tennessee!