Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday Cake Bake from Nedboy, the Guest Blog writer

It was Friday afternoon and off home a bit earlier than find Magsmcc, Prince Charming and 2 Suns just arrived at the house. So the weekend began early.

For the first day in weeks, it seems, it wasn't raining. "Who wants to pick the plums?" Rather late in the season, we set to shaking a tree full of ripe and over ripe plums. "Aaagh, I got hit with a plum!" cried a small voice, as the small purple fruits rained to the ground.

When enough good fruit was gathered, washed and cleaned, we threw them in a bowl with some sugar an a shot of 'eau de vie'. Something to soak some sweetness into the otherwise sour fruit.

No time tonight to make jam, but improvised a French recipe for Clafoutis *, usually for cherries or apricots.

The tree was planted by my grandparents before I was born. The fruit was used every autumn by my grandmother to make jam. It was the first and only jam I tasted that had stones and skins in. A natural product, but inconvenient obstacles. Eat with care, or lose a tooth.

Perhaps that's a bit like all we get from our family: The choice of a tree planted half a century ago, isn't necessarilly my favourite fruit. They might not be as sweet or plump as shop bought plums. But they are a gift. There for the picking. To take or leave. A time limited offer: It's now or in a year. As much or as little as I choose. Jam, pie, sauce or whatever. A gift challenges our creativity.

And if I want some different fruit, its up to me to plant something different. It will take some ground, a lot of patience and care, to benefit me and whoever follows - and if all goes well, for every Autumn to follow.

So thanks to Magsmcc and team for calling today, and allowing us to share in who we are and what we have received. To describe it as a Eucharist of plums would overstate the case. But there was today a fellowship in the harvest, a thought of gratitude towards the faithful departed, and a hope for the rising generation...Someday we may share at one table, at the bridal feast of the Lamb.

If it's to last all Eternity, at some point, we're sure to have plums on the menu?

Clafoutis *,


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I very much like the idea of a Eucharist of plums, as well as the idea that you are gathering these plums from a tree your grandparents planted. A very satisfying post all the way around!


Angela said...

I like the idea of Heavenliy Clafoutis too!

Pom Pom said...

True. Family is a gift, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet.

Gumbo Lily said...

Holy Plum pickin'!
I like your pretty plums and the cake looks so inviting. I hope the apple trees and cherry trees I have planted will one day remind my grandchildren of me -- pits, seeds and all the rest!

Thanks for sharing this.

Simone said...

I bet it tasted gorgeous!

Mary B said...

I like the idea of a gift with some obstacles. Many of the gifts we get in this life have obstacles. This was a great post!

A 2 Z said...

I always loved the word clafoutis. It's as much fun to eat as to say. Merci de ta visite. Je suis une nouvelle admiratrice.


The Coffee Lady said...

It looks fantastic. And I agree - a gift of fruit doesn't have to be perfect.

Jenny said...

This looks scrumptious!