Saturday, 25 October 2014

Home from the wild woods

 Dark dawn. The rare treat of eating breakfast quietly by myself.
 New and interesting rock formations at Bloody Bridge carpark. Rabbits or benign sentinels of the hills?

  Looking down over Newcastle from the foothills of Donard.
 The wild woods. Not very wild at all. No bears in sight, though one young man had been quite spectacularly attacked  by a gorse bush!

 The carpark at Tollymore. Winning my Kitkat bet because the bus really was at the top of the last steep climb!
 And home to the Meadowplace.
 Where the chestnut tree has finally conceded that it needs to put on its Autumn outfit.
 And where we'll be putting on a bit more of an Autumn outfit inside to make the most of this old year in its last throes. Happy half-term!


Kezzie said...

Ooooh!!! Sounds fun!x

Lisa Richards said...

I never tire of views of your back yard. So lush and private. Glad you enjoyed your trip/hike. Beautiful photos!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely photos...I was never a great walker, and am less so now my feet are playing Silly Buggers, but I enjoy other peoples' walking vicariously!

M.K. said...

I hope your school break is wonderful, leisurely, relaxing, contemplative, restful :) And I hope it feels LONG.