Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lenten Blog Hopping

I know it's not Lent just quite yet, but we're nearly there. Ubiquitous pancake flipping here in Strawberry Land, with many hearts starting to creep out. This is the first year of much heart talk. My suns are clearly growing up. Not quite as tall as Daddy Strawberry, but certainly gaining fast on Mum.
A box arrived yesterday. I had just remarked to a visiting friend how email had taken all the surprise and delight from the arrival of post, when down the drive came a Royal (Mail) Man with a box. Honestly, Ang; it was fabulous!
Inside is the blog hopping blanket for Hombolo. Heather Boss has a super sun, also named Matthew, who spent time this Autumn in Africa with his church team. Next year they will be taking blankets and the Wondrous Ang has crocheted one to go with them. It was last seen here, and will soon be seen here! Couldn't help thinking how beautifully it  matches our sofa. At the minute it is having a quiet rest between blogs, catching up with The Ripple. More of the ripple very soon, when it will be very finished.
Thank you, Ang- hope your knee will be back to better than normal very soon xxx  The annual Lenten blog hop will be starting this weekend- gathering over chez Floss in France at Troc, Broc, and Recup- hope to see you all there...


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, the ripple is beautiful and how warm it will keep folks...well done!

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

It's a beautiful piece of work.

The dB family said...

Beautiful!! I have yet to master crochet! Looking forward to reading your Lenten posts.