Saturday, 5 May 2012

Willows' Culture

There has been a truly delightful pofusion of Willows related material on which to feast here this week. Last Sunday Prince Charming dragged me off the keyboard to the living room and plomped me down with a large cup of tea in front of Griff Rhys Jones- happily! He was spending an hour revelling in his evident love of Toad, and the Willows, and revealing all that is good and interesting and poignant about the book and its author.
He spoke throughout to other professed lovers of the story- Jeffrey Archer is, surprisingly, also a closet Toad.
A lovely section of the programme was a boat trip where GRJ discussed the themes of the book with Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Haddon is a Mole, and spoke really very movingly about home and security. The episode of Perspectives is available on ITV-Player for the rest of May. I recommend it highly for some thoughtful, mellow, evening viewing.
Then last night the suns and a friend and I went to the local little theatre to see a production of the book. Performed by Riverbank Productions it had the best script of any cartoon/movie/TV adaptation I've seen. Lots of passages taken directly from the text, and many incidents included that are overlooked in the "Disney"fied versions. Set and costumes needed this strong point in their favour, but I enjoyed the songs and puppets too!


Betty said...

How lovely - the Willows must be coursing through your veins now!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Arrggghh--they won't let me watch the GRJ show because I'm an American! Or at least because I live in America! Horrible people. I guess I'll just have to go read the book. I think I have the same copy that GRJ is holding up in the top picture.


Pom Pom said...

Oh, they are so universal, aren't they? Two TWITW books came my way this week via my sister.
I'm glad I read Frances' comment. Now I wont' be disappointed.
Jane B. refers to them in her book Turkish Delight and Treasure Hunts, too! I was rereading it yesterday.

Catherine said...

Og Mags you really are Willows saturated just now..can't think of a better way to be immersed. Theatre too how excellent! Much love Catherine xox