Monday, 7 May 2012

Greatitudes 528 - 541

I haven't been grateful in a while, and this is not necessarily confined to blog posts. Mostly today I'm grateful that I wasn't doing the Belfast Marathon in any shape or form, and certainly not in the torrential rain that persisted right up until the last possible person was through the tape. When the sun came out.
But G and G walked the whole thing in seven hours, Fred ran the whole thing in four hours and thirty-four minutes and the Library Crew walked the nine miles without incident, so well done, all of you!
Obviously the biggest thing in my universe of late is still last week's Annual Big Night Out. And most thankful for it I am too- for the friends who come every year, for the hamper we manage to win every year (two at the table this time round!), for the teacher who turned out actually to just want to chat and dance and did not, as I in great paranoia feared, "want to "talk" to you in a minute"... Notice that I remained perfectly upright on the heels at all times! (And that it made no difference whatsoever in the neverending quest to look PC in the eye!) Also thanks Mrs Clarke, because we managed to get a table one row in from the back door this time!
Admittedly the atmosphere was enhanced this year by the fact that the Ball was preceded, for the male population mostly, by an afternoon in the hotel bar, in full tuxedo gear. Thankfully they won!
The Morning after the Night Before has traditionally become a baking time. Thankfully this year Jo took charge of that. We might still have half a carriage in a tin somewhere if you're hungry?

This Bank Holiday weekend is always Belfast's Festival of Fools. We've been taking the suns to sit on various city streets since they were tiny fireballs. My favourite yesterday was Il Cataldo. This isn't Belfast- no green trees of City Hall in the background!

And lastly tonight, in a bad case of Sunday blues on a Monday, I'm very graetful for Ann Voskamp's post on mothers over at and yes, it has made me cry- this is the Land of the sometimes tearful Strawberries, you know?


GretchenJoanna said...

I think it's helpful to think about all the things we are grateful for in the negative...I mean, all the bad things that haven't happened, all the things we don't have to do -- as in that race you aren't running -- all the places we don't live, and so on. But you are a good example of enjoying all the positives and you probably don't need lists of this sort!

Betty said...

When we count our blessings we feel uplifted and closer to God don't you think. By the way, I thought your dress at the big night out was fabulous - you looked glamorous

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, my dear, you look quite fabulous in your dress! Yes, even more fabulous than those baked vehicles. How does one bake a vehicle? I suppose it's against some ancient customs law to send me a tin of them. Sigh.


Gumbo Lily said...

So glad you posted about The Big Night Out! You looked marvelous, and it appears you had a wonderful time of it.

Wishing you more "thankfuls" in your day.